the language of writing with light

photographia is all about the light
the right light
it’s about the correct light!

photographia is about writing
writing with light,
it’s about, the art of capturing the precious light!

it’s all about the patience
the waiting, the passion
it’s about endless hours waiting for the precious light!

photographia is about the morning light
it’s about the evening light
it is about capturing precious moments of light!

it’s about having patience
it’s about waiting for the bee to land
it’s about looking for precious flower buds on a cold winter’s morning!

it’s about winter, autumn, spring, it’s about the summer
it’s about both the rain and the sunshine!

photographia is about writing, writing with light!

Ross Spirou
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Spirou Ross

About Spirou Ross

Got involved with photography some 28 years ago but gave up shortly after. Got back into it 6 years ago and it's now full speed ahead! I am very much a lover of nature so most of my photos are taken during my escapades from suburbia and where I can be at ease with myself and nature.

All my images are shot in natural light in natural surroundings. Sometimes I move the odd twigg or leaf so I can have better access to my subject but otherwise my images are as natural as they can be. I use photoshop but I am not an expert at it so I restrict myself to just adjusting the contrast, light and cropping.

I love travelling and experiencing diferent cultures and my last trip was in August 2008 and to my favourite country, Kenya. Thank you for stopping by and for your comments!

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3 Responses to Photographia

  1. Mary says:

    So you have become a poet !
    Very nice keep going!!!
    Love Mary

  2. Morgan Gabrielle Gabrielle says:

    Dear Ross,

    I loved the thought in your poem “Photographia.” I mean to show this to a professional photographer friend of mine. She will appreciate it I am sure.

    Kind regards, Gabrielle.

  3. Costi Angela Angela Costi says:

    Dear Ross, Your use of the word ‘photographia’ rather than ‘photograph’ throughout the poem made it far more evocative and lyrical. thank you. Angela Costi

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