Creating a ‘new post’

Share In order to create a ‘New Post’ or article in the DLS pages, you must first be registered and logged into the DLS server. In order to login you move down and to the right of the first page you will find a spot under the heading ‘LOGIN’. Under that heading you enter the Username and Password provided to you by the administrator. Finally you press the ‘Login’ button and you are now logged in, even though nothing much has changed on the page. However you will find that now in the place of the ‘LOGIN’ heading there’s a welcome message and directly under it a ling to the ‘Dashboard’. The Dashboard is where all the updating and uploading takes place.

Valium Online Following the ‘Dashboard’ link a new page will open which at the top left looks like this: Add New Post

Buy Valium Diazepam 10Mg Notice where the green arrow is pointing, to the ‘Add New’ post page. By following the ‘Add New’ post link another new page will open and this is where you will place your text, photos etc. At the top of that page there’s a heading saying ‘Add New Post’ and directly under it you will find a single line window where you can enter the title of  your post.

Valium Where To Buy In The Uk Below the title there are some buttons which allow text formatting etc, just like any other editor. Directly below those buttons is the space where you enter your text, either by typing it in, or by pasting it from another program on your computer.

Buy Cheap Valium Online Australia Look at the following video which actions on the words described above:

Buy Roche Valium Diazepam 10Mg [flv: login.jpg 500 330] Valium Online Cheap In order to add a picture into our text we need to use the link button at the top that says ‘Edit Posts’ and the arrow next to it which allows an ‘upload’. First though we must save the text we entered before we go away from this page and we need to go away from this page in order to upload an image. So we press the ‘Save Draft’ button on the right and then follow the ‘upload’ link in order to upload images to the gallery. Once a draft is saved we can later return in the same procedure as we did before, except this time we follow the ‘Edit’ link instead of the ‘Add New’ post link and from there we find the heading of the post we’re working on.

Buy Valium Diazepam 10Mg Uk In order to Buy Real Diazepam add images to the Gallery for later use, in the ‘New post’ screen we take the ‘upload’ link from the ‘Edit Posts’ button and this brings us to a new page where there is a button saying ‘Select Files’. We press this button and after finding the image on our computer we press ‘upload’ and then ‘Save all changes’. After this procedure is complete we can import images from the Gallery. In order to add an image to the post, we press the first square button to the right of the ‘Upload/Insert’ label in the ‘Edit Post’ or ‘New Post’ screen, then find the image in the gallery and press the ‘Show’ button and finally ‘Insert into post’ button before it can be inserted.

Valium Online Overnight Delivery When we complete inserting text and images into our post we cast our eye over to the right of the page where there’s a heading ‘Post Tags’. Directly under ‘Post Tags’ there’s a window with the message ‘Add new tag’. In this window we enter key words from our text (2 or 3) separated by commas and then we press the ‘Add’ button to the right. We can also choose from the ‘Choose from the most used tags in Post Tags’ link which will have the same effect. Then we move further down to the categories title. Categories are set so that we can easily find a post in future or visitors to the site can locate our text depending on what they’re looking for. For example if they’re looking for a poem we don’t want to give them a short story. If they’re looking for English text we don’t want to give them Greek text. So in the Categories column we choose English (if the post is in English) and one of the categories below that, say ‘Essay’ if the post is an essay, ‘Poetry’ if its a poem and so on. The last step before the finish is to decide whether we want visitors to comment on our post / text, or not. The system as a default will allow comments, however you have the means to reverse that by un-clicking the “Allow comments to this post” and “Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this post” at the bottom of the ‘Edit Post’ or ‘New Post’ page.

Optionally you can add two or three lines of a precis or excerpt from your post below the text screen in the ‘Edit Post’ or ‘New Post’ page. This will be shown instead of a piece from the text where there are many posts visited by a visitor on the front page.

Valium Usa Online Finally it is advisable to sign your post by your name or artistic name.

Valium Brand Name Online That’s it. Now we press the blue ‘Publish’ button to the right of the ‘Edit Post’ page and our post is now in public view… For more detailed information on how to use the ‘New Post’ page follow this link to the Worpress Guide, or you can write to us on this email with your questions/suggestions: Diasporic Literature Spot email Good Luck !

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