Literary Agents, where are you?


Well, just looking at the title line a writer can start to shiver before they have a chance to start thinking what it all means and how it can help them on their way to become established. A daunting task for most, especially those who have something to publish for the first time.

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Here we just provide some information from the Australian Literary Agents’ Association which we believe should be your first step.

Where To Buy Valium In Canada I’m a writer. How do I bring my work to the attention of a literary agent?

First, read the information and advice on this page.

Buy Diazepam Overnight Delivery Second, look up a suitable agent from our list of member agents and phone them to check that they wish to see your work. Phoning first saves time and expense, because some kinds of writing are not of interest to some agents. Screenplays and plays are only dealt with by agents who specialise in that area, for example, and some agents may not wish to deal with children’s writing, and so on.

Indian Valium Online Third, if an agent wants to look at your writing, they will generally ask you to post a copy of a one-to-two-page synopsis of your book, together with copies of some pages from one or two sample chapters (up to a maximum of fifty pages total), to their office. They usually do not want to see the whole work at first. In order to read the rest of this worthwhile article please visit the Australian Literary Agents’ Association website here.

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Another thing you may consider doing on your way to understanding literary agents, is to listen to an interview which has taken place in 2008 by Radio National and the ABC’s Book Show with the topic “The rise and rise of literary agents”. You will find this very interesting talk by following this link.

Another very informative and interesting web-site is the Writers’ Workshop. It has advise freely distributed on the Internet and you can read about how to get literary agents by following this link.

As we find more useful information in helping writers become established we will add it here. Please visit this page at least once every few months and if you have any suggestions or pointers, or even if you’d like to share some information please do so by adding your comments below.