We were ready to merge but she stopped me.
‘I haven’t finished looking at you,’ she said.

Dazed in her aura
She saw her image stamped deep
On my molten heart.

Caught licking my dry upper lip
She caressed my burning cheeks.
I was like a rock in the sea beaten
By the waves of desire from every side.

Defenceless I was thinking that
All things are susceptible to Love:
Fire, water even the polar caps.

You might think I’m weak but am not.
Because no one ever has and no one ever will
Escape love not while there is beauty
And not while eyes can see.

Nicholas Fourikis

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2010

3 thoughts on “Helen”

  1. Nicholas,

    Lovely imagery of lovers overtaken by their feelings. I wondered about the last verse and dare to suggest :
    “You might think I’m weak, but I’m not.
    Because no one has ever escaped love
    And no one ever will while there is beauty.”
    I feel the English works better this way. You may not agree.

    My name is Gabrielle Helen by the way. Many thanks Nicholas your poetry is an inspiration. Just lovely. Kind regards, Gabrielle.

  2. Nicholas,
    When you come to Melbourne, perhaps we should do a get together… all of us Melburnians who are trying to scratch this surface.
    It should be a rewarding time…
    Well done with your poetry, and Gabrielle, well, she knows…


  3. Many thanks for your suggestions Gabrielle and your comments Iakovos.

    It is always instructive to hear suggestions from another poet, Gabrielle.
    Never stop making valuable suggestions. That is how we humble humans progress

    In passing I would like to congratulate you Iakovos for providing a forum
    for all of us to air our inner feelings. I look forward to seeing you again in Melbourne.

    In another life I spent five years in Melbourne and got my first diploma form RMIT. It will be like homecoming for me.

    Many thanks again to both, Nick

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