I came from the outside world,
Entered your world, for one brief moment
Felt the impact of your glance, your smile;
Knew for that moment in time there was you and me only,
Acceptance was felt, two souls reaching.
I went away, thought of you in the dark hours of the night,
Wondered why you engaged my curiosity,
And why I was compelled to return to your side.
The night was warm, the atmosphere inviting,
The red velvet lounge, elegant grand, and you.
Yes, you.
You sat with fingers flowing over the white keyboard,
Harmony of motion, one with life, you felt the ebb and flow.
Shyness overcame me, I dare not trespass on your ground
For fear you may reject me,
Was I just one more face, or was it real with you?
My being would not cease to call you,
I tried to ignore your presence;

Then you stopped playing and came over to me.
My soul rejoiced to find you were more than I had hoped,
So close to me, to recognise your soul in those few words,
Existing, being for my soul to meet.
I did not want to question worldly states, your wife,
Your life, your wage,

There was only now, a glimpse of life’s fulfilment felt.



2 thoughts on “THE PIANIST”

  1. Well Gabrielle!!

    There is no stopping you now. The more you listen to your heart
    the surer her voice is. Loaded with exqusite emotions Her voice / Your voice
    is the voice that pulsates with life.

    Keep on composing, Gabrielle

    You made my day Gabrielle, and I tank you, Nick

  2. Great poem, Gabrielle. A dreamy relation with happy, fulfilling ending…
    We’ll catch up soon.. Frederika.

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