A picture like you


You’re a silent picture of profound green
offered to a man sublime
instantly adorned in the nick of time

by the morning dew…

But this silent picture of profound blue
thoughts that pitched to a last goodbye
leaving loose all threads in a mystic vie

to a lucky few…

Whilst this silent picture of profound red
a remarkable detachment
in the tenet pure attachment

lives anew…

Oh my silent picture of profound white
coming constantly aberrant and fragile
as eliciting a smile

all from me to you…

(c) Iakovos Garivaldis

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2010

2 thoughts on “A picture like you”

  1. Lavkos,

    I love this poem, it has great depth. I keep reading it to discover more meaning. Well done.

    Kind regards, Gabrielle.

  2. I thank you Gabrielle, however your poetry placed on Diasporic was something else, something I needed to read in order to find myself in English. thank you again

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