Spiritual Elders


Night descends upon a starless sky,
motionless movement gushes through an eerie
and the trees parade in semi-circular
like spiritual elders from long ago
speaking in inaudible lyrics
bathing my tender soul in a symphony
of ancient oracles,
pristine and invaluable like newly discovered gold. 

How do I feel about my immanent departure?
I feel that my mind is amenable
amidst an ocean of torrential emotions
as I ascend to reach its sky-high
to view its gracious landscape and
rugged terrain
with its native shrubs, wattle trees and eucalyptus gum.
Its roaring seas ghastly infinite
as they engulf this mysterious Land
within the matrix of resilience of restoration,
a place that still has no name.

I depart but remain present,
for distant waters cannot erase
a myriad of memories,
even if this vast Land still feels foreign
captivated by its unnameable quality,
as I begin to learn the language of Nature,
a mature infant in its guiding hand.

This poem was taken from the poetry collection “The Odyssean Voyage”
Christos Galiotos

One thought on “Spiritual Elders”

  1. Dear Christos,

    I love the tone of this beautifully constructed poem. The imagery of the spiritual elders works perfectly. Great work and a pleasure to read.

    Kind regards,

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