No Snow in December

Share When the gaze is filled with grey-coloured dawn
And anticipation,
When broad, stone swords pierce the soul
In this foreign land
When the heart, heavy with endless silence
Seeks expectation, my gaze turns
To familiar places, my own,
And strives to anchor itself
Away from the lacunae of December.
It is then that slowly, timidly, the memories take me,
Transporting me to the beaches of my homeland,
To the beautiful years, the years of my childhood,
At the Anemones of my Venetian Castle.
To the pine needles of the Forest,
Garlands, I weaved as a child.
There, where I, as a twelve year-old girl,
A shy, seventeen year-old, boy
Was serenading me: “If I were a God,
I’d give you a heart to love me”
And I make my journey and hold my memorials,
A Tribute to my carefree years.
How can the soul accept, without rebelling
here where it lives:
No Snow in December.
April, without poppies or Pohali’s
Kopeloules, cyclamens as they call them here.
Scentless and flashy,
How could they attain
The beauty of my little kopeloules?
My dejected thoughts always wander back there
Yet, the pendulum chimes indifferently
As it accompanies me in my loneliness.
I must leave:
The snow of my own December is melting.
Slowly, slowly, the journey and the memorial end.
The grey-coloured dawn brings me back,
Oh, Soul, you have not yet accepted
That you will remain here,
With no candle or holy lamp lit for you.

Mousoura-Tsoukala Dionysia

By Mousoura-Tsoukala Dionysia

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Dionysia Mousoura-Tsoukala was born in the beautiful island of Zakynthos in Greece, where she completed her secondary education.

Buy Tubs Diazepam She’s the second born daughter of Father Spyridon and Chrysi. Father was the scholar and mother, the decision maker.

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Order Valium Online Cod The house was always full of books, books in every room.

She migrated to Australia with her husband and their two children in 1967. In Melbourne she taught Modern Greek at the Greek Community Schools, as well as in the Education's Department Saturday Schools of Modern Languages for many years. She studied Interpreting / Translating at University R.M.I.T. in Melbourne, area she is still working in. She’s got special training as a Community Health Educator , with the Cancer Council of Victoria.

Buy Valium Diazepam 10Mg Uk She started writing literature when young. Many of her poems and short stories have won awards in Literary competitions and some of them have been published in newspapers of her home land as well as in Literary Periodicals in Australia, Greece and America. She's published a collection of poems titled "Withered Anemonies", in the book "Tetralogia", and she's participated in many Anthologies in Greece, as well as in the Anthology "Moments of Poetry" , a University R.M.I.T. publication.

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Her first short stories book "O Krataios Nostos"  “Everlasting Nostalgia”, was published in 2000 by University R.M.I.T. Both books, "Tetralogia" and "O Krataios Nostos" have been awarded prices at the annual National Literature Competition of the "Angelidion Foundation".

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Valium Online Her second short stories book, titled, “Ek Fiore and Ex Antipodon”, from Zakynthos to the Antipodes, came out in 2005,a  Tsonis publication. Dionysia writes about emotions, human relationships and the migration experience through the eyes of her many heroes and heroines in her stories. Zakynthos, though, is everywhere in her writing. It follows her everywhere like the Cavafian City

Her latest book, a bi lingual collection of poems, titled: “Words and Memories in Melbourne” En ti Polei tis Melvournis, a Tsonis publication, was published in 2007.


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