Spirit of Old


Today is a giant before me,
Insurmountable, it seems,
With perils of hunger,
Visions of ingratitude,
Friends become foes,
And even the trees and nature unseen.
Where before they nurtured the soul,
Made each day a recall into splendour,
Of life ever changing.Now today my blood has run thin,
And cold is the wind of time.
But rising within a spirit of old,
Sensing past days,
Although in youth and strength before,
Now a determination of mind,
Summoning all the powers of intellect
Moulded by life’s chiselled hand,
A sculpture placed before me,
A structure of the day itself
Already cast by me,
For I modelled this day with my own
Visions and labours,
So this is me, this day,
And this is where my challenge lies.