A dip in the Aegean


To my friends Yiota and Justine from the Americas

When you go for a dip in the Aegean
You really must wear no thoughts
Without charge, without malice
For the Aegean needs you copiously pure.

When you make it for a dip in the Aegean
You just need to forget all earthly feats
But remember take with you some duress
For the Aegean offers all the needed freedom.

Do not worry about the temperature of its water
As it knows what your body can endure
Whether in summer or even mid-winter
The Aegean is the perfect moderator.

If you make it for a dip in the Aegean
Leave all of your dreams upon the shore
For in the Aegean and its green-blue waves
You can surely dream your life once more.

If you don’t go for a dip in the Aegean
You have missed this everlasting savour
Which belongs only to those lucky few
Who abandoned all their clothes on the rocks.

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Iakovos Garivaldis

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3 thoughts on “A dip in the Aegean”

  1. Dear lakovos,

    After reading your great poem, I really must go for a ‘dip in the Agean.’ They say “See Rome and then you can die” but it seems I must experience a ‘dip in the Agean’ before I die. I am sure you are right, there could not be anything more blissful.

    Kind regards, Gabrielle.

    1. Dear Gabrielle,

      Wonderful to hear your thoughts. I am not sure how strongly one can feel about dipping in the Aegean, however for me it has regenerated not only my body but also my spirit the last time I tried it. Is it true when they say that “it’s all in the mind”, or has the Aegean an irresistible effect? Only those who took a dip can provide an answer.
      regards, Iakovos

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