I Held History In My Hand


Tesserae.                                                                        Greek Rock002

Adamantine Rock.

A Gift.

Freeform fragment from the birth place of Artemis.

My touching a 3000 B.C. surface gives an earth perfumed energy to my soul.
Put next to my cheek the temperature of time gone makes me travel to a sacred land.
In my minds eye, I see a wonderful breathing light.
Did that Macedonian Greek, the last Pharaoh in Egypt, see the snake form, birds and dolphins portrayed and crafted on the floor?
Did her ecstatic body, soft contoured, lie between the phallic pillars as the sound of the sea enhanced a graceful serenity?
Was the asp that killed her represented here?
A portent before or after the event?
My treasure held in my hand from the place meaning “revealed”
projects scenes and characters into my mind.
Dreams and legend.
A fantasy world and a microcosm of past reality.
It is a talisman for my being.

In homage to “Nonda”
Epamnondas Papadopulos – Artist

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