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Level with us
wicked sky,
reveal the courtship
you have bestowed
upon a drop of rain.

A morning left
and we will pass,
a sunset morn
not far to leave,
a breath in vain… Some finite hope,
a raging fret
as a hallucination
to a bashful heart in pain. The blatant truth
of furious dries,
despite the fuss
there’s no retort
and hardly any gain.

But then above,
amidst the clouds
a little thought
of jovial play,
a glimpse of nature
smooth and shiny
forming so swiftly
a drop of rain. We need it now
immortal heaven
of makeshift dreams
and gleeful violence.

A single drop,
as smooth and shiny,
always exciting…
yes we thrive
on rampant rain.

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