To live life fully…


I would urge you to watch this video. It has so many strong messages which appear around every screening second.

It shows how art can bring people together in creating those unforgettable finer moments. It reveals the spirit that can make our lives so much more fulfilling.

I thank both Mikis Theodorakis and Anthony Queen for this experience and thought I could share it with you my most trusted friends.

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One thought on “To live life fully…”

  1. Ιάκωβε,

    Ο Ζορμπάς είναι μέσα στα γονίδια όλων των Ελλήνων που κατοικούν στο εξωτερικό!!!
    Με τους Ζορμπάδες του εσωτερικού τι γίνεται????

    Σταύρος Θεσσαλονίκη

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