The Clocks That Have Not Been Taken Down


Yesterday I watched an interview about Cyprus on TV, This made me think about the Green Line It made me remember that our houses have been deserted; Buy Valium Diazepam 10Mg Uk That someone threw our personal belongings'A=0 In the rubbish bin twenty-two years ago; That other people live in our house now. As I lay in bed with my eyes shut Buy Herbal Valium I thought of our old clock which we rescued from the village; It hangs on a wall of a coffee shop in Gastouni* It has been hanging there since 1975
I’d like to go there and buy it
It is the only thing left which reminds me of our house. I remember the sound of its ticks
And how it chimed every hour
It now ticks in that coffee shop
But nobody loves that clock, or thinks of it as I do;
Nobody longs for the sound of its ticks or for the sight of it;
I imagined its sound tick – tack tick – tack
First in our house- next to the pictures of the last supper,
the wealthy man with the poor man –
And then in the coffee shop in Gastouni. These are the things I think about when everybody else goes
To their family home for Easter ,
To their childhood memories
To the clocks that have not been taken down
And still tick in the same houses.
All towns are alien to me
And I always feel that a part of me is missing
It’s somewhere else
It’s in a place I have no access to
It’s constantly missing
I’m constantly insufficient
Like an incomplete musical metre
which never ends……..

Buy Roche Diazepam Uk (c) Andrea Demetriou

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