The House Next To The Rose Tree


Valium Cheap Uk Perhaps we shall always be captives of a prophecy
We shall never nonetheless
Walk into the rose garden,* I
No longer anticipate in vain
The house next to the rose tree
The bliss that was abruptly abducted from me

No longer expect the slightest semblance of joy
And whatever Grandpa uttered …was
False presumption.

Buy Diazepam Cheap He can no longer

Order Valium Online From India Foretell… the future
Like the oracle at Delphi … He can no longer

Valium Online Uk Delivery Predict insinuate indicate
The new Emperor has outlawed Him
His history and
His prophecies……

Where To Buy Valium In Canada Buy Thai Valium Online (c) Andrea Demetriou

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Andrea Demetriou

By Andrea Demetriou

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Buy Msj Diazepam Online Valium Online Store Andrea Demetriou was born in Morphou, Cyprus. Her family emigrated to Australia, after the 1974 invasion of Cyprus by Turkey.

As a teenager in Melbourne she initiated Tsakpina Cafe’s cultural innovations. She was later employed as an information officer by the Australian Department of Labour. Andrea studied literature, philosophy and music at Athens and La Trobe universities. In Athens, she has worked extensively in print media as well as radio (Third and Fourth Programmes). She currently divides her time between Athens and the island of Hydra. To the left is an interview given by the poet to Sally Heath of "The Age" newspaper in May 2010.