Perished eagles


Evangelia-Aggeliki Pechlivanidou

The eagles perished
In the hunt for fashion
And glory,
In pursuing the ordinary
And the tasteless
Their tail got entangled
In the meagerness
Of  “string” pleasures.

Their glance was fixed
Upon a short and effortless game.
The eyes now unable
To turn to flights to the top.

And the wings are now incapable
Of holding the weight
Of valor.

Eagles with sparrow wings
And  turtledove’s songs
Dreaming of perfumed veils
From shy night flowers
And seaweeds  rotten on the reef
Out of loneliness.
The young eagles nestled their dreams
Shattered into pieces
In the shadows
Having no direction or target
In the sounds and flashes
Of expert spotlights

The hooked bills perished
Under the lipstick

© Evangelia-Aggeliki Pechlivanidou

Translated from the Greek
Χάθηκαν οι αετοί
by the author