Always a young boy


Iakovos Garivaldis
A tribute to a young man
William James Farrer

It’s been a hard twenty-three years
For me, my dearest parents, my wonderful family.
And as I was growing and being cared for
As I was moving patiently around the corridors in hospitals
As I was craving at the chance to be a real man
To mix with men
To grow old
To see my father in his bleached white hair
To see my mother in her wonderful wise wrinkles
To sit next to my sisters in their wedding dress
And laugh at life without duress…
It all became too much.

All I ever wanted was a single chance.
But then,
Suddenly all of my dreams
Became a nightmare and a lost will
To carry me further…

Dad, Mum, sis, please forgive me
As I left you now
But I love you all
As you did me.
My last wish
For you to just remember me
Like he who never grew old,
As I wanted to remain in your hearts
And minds
Always a young boy…

© Iakovos Garivaldis

3 thoughts on “Always a young boy”

  1. …the story of a short life… tender and sensitive…
    Thank you, Iakove, for sharing your poem with me.
    Always with love,
    Yiota Stratis
    New York

    Ps. Mum ?…? may be I am wrong…

  2. The little joys of a young person should never be too much.
    That was unfortunately the very truer stanza
    a tender wish that rarely lasts
    I felt like your young boy for everybody’s personal reasons
    Thank you Iakovos
    from Thessaloniki

  3. Dear friends,
    This young man was a friend to my son and by his actions showed how wrong this society is today. He showed us how devastating it can be for a young soul who’s just making out into this world and cannot bare the sight.
    I have not recovered from this loss, none of those who knew him recovered and I doubt if they ever will. But let this be a lesson for all of us with children of his age, that life is here one minute… gone the next, hence lets not be hasty in recognising everyone’s contribution and enjoy every day and every breath, because we never know…

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