One of those days


Iakovos Garivaldis

A day of silence,
Without your breath
A moment of unjustified peace
Without your warmth;
Placid, as a picture of reflective shining white
One that focuses
At the sparkle in your eyes…

What a splendid picture
One becoming so aberrant and fragile;
As it rushes me
Past your vibrant jovial tresses
While eliciting reactions
And amazing attractions
Emanating from a thought
That it is you;

You’re my weakness
Like that smile which restraints
Every one of my dawns
As it copiously meets
Both the edges of your cheeks;

Yet its drawn
As abundant
And so naturally,
Unsurprisingly by you…

Iakovos Garivaldis

2 thoughts on “One of those days”

  1. Full of pictures, tenderness and feelings.
    Once more you let the secret sounds of your heart be heard.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you Evangelia,
      There are times when love and longing sometimes cannot be expressed with words and that’s when poetry can go some of the way. Because in poetry words can surpass their meaning and become abstracts that provide an environment limited only by one’s imagination.

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