Now that I matured


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Buy 1000 Valium Online I wish to live away from commonplace lies
that move quietly by well-lit corridors,
creating a final echo each summer in the streets.

Allow me to live in my romantic thoughts
at times when as virgin lass
you’d look into my eyes for hope.
Please do not talk to me about lies.

Buy Valium The future comes hand in hand with our youth,
one where I saw our lives drawn
upon your velvet skin
like a map of an experience unlived
like the hope for an impending past
that now is almost gone. And be with me…
My second in the violent streets
to hear that echo;
where all of my words
are broken records
of a distant past that’s seasoned
and weathered like a yellow rose
losing its petals to the light breeze.

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Yes, I have matured
steadfastly and in no doubt
clinging upon the single stem
that held me tight all these years…

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2 thoughts on “Now that I matured”

  1. I agree with Peter Lim. “Now that I matured”, I understand the beauty of the words, that composed such a sensitive poem! And the power of such sensitivity is overwhelming! I understand that poets can express their feelings also in a language not their native one, and make it their own. I recall that English is a wonderful language, and a very poetic one. I also realize how well Iakovos is using it and makes his “story” our own story. Now that I matured, I thank God, who gave me life, thoughts, “a future that came hand in hand with our youth, the one where I saw my life drawn up on a velvet skin”, and the knowledge to read such poetic lines,that Iakovos wrote, in English. (Aris Adanis)

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