[sun sight light]


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http://blogs.keshokenya.org/wp-json/wp/v2/media?include=1501 sun sight light
there is no black
one step forward
two steps back
sun sight
step step one two
in the absence of light
and other possibilities
when your heart is broken
and you don’t know why
but the way in
didn’t we know it?
is the way out
sun sight
the light at your feet
exposing the cracks in your foundations
your abyss
all the things you’d rather forget
in the absence of light
my God my God
and that’s the least of it
rub out
erase the moon
for you now have blood in your eyes
straining so hard to see
all the way to the end of the day
sun sight straight light
taken in by the scene
that’s one step one step two
maybe mortality wasn’t made for you
that’s two steps two steps three
at last at least

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N.Ν. Trakakis

By N.Ν. Trakakis

http://sandshade.com/sitemap.website.xml Nektarios Nikolaos (‘Nick’) Trakakis was born in 1972 in Melbourne from Cretan parents. He studied philosophy and theology at undergraduate level, and was awarded his PhD in philosophy from Monash University in 2005. He has taught Philosophy at Monash and Deakin Universities, and he is currently a Research Fellow in Philosophy at the Australian Catholic University. He has published two books and many journal articles on philosophical and theological themes. He has also published the following collections of poetry and prose: Tears (2005), Silent Transfigurations (2006), Via Dolorosa (2008), and Clearings (2011).