The British Museum

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Outshining the statues of Hathor and Ramesses II truer to life than the coffin lids picturing Osiris, Isis and Horus the bright Aegean light Buy Real Diazepam Uk revealing the half-clothed and voluptuous Aphrodite Demeter seated on throne
Apollo holding kithara
Dionysios wearing ivy wreath
Hermes overlooking procession of fine girls
Homer apotheosized
and resplendent friezes not frozen but ever-present
battles between Lapiths and Centaurs
warriors advancing in rank, on foot and horseback
attacking heavily fortified cities
clashing shield-on-shield
with flying draperies
grasping fallen victims by the hair
preparing to thrust with sword
as Winged Victory flies down to award the laurel crown.
And then the most amazing sight of all:
the three Nereids from Xanthos
daughters of Nereus
erotic and alluring
escorting the souls of the dead on their journeys
singing, dancing: sensual thighs and erect breasts.
Immense pride
at beholding and communing with
ancestors who gave birth to me.


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3 November 2010

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