Squadrons lie low


Maria Theofilakou

The lone night bird lets its pain soak
stranded within the ever mourning moonshine
within the dateless rustle of aspen leaves
for all vagabonds to fall
for all innocents to see
that life unconquerable remains
a sinuous line of trenches
lying in a sultry wait
of the gallant men last standing


Thus if I dare,
and if I fall,
I mind it not – coming to naught
for so a doleful voice may sing
and may the night watcher vindicate
my grinding away at the deciduous forest
my passing through this fading season.

Maria Theofilakou

4 thoughts on “Squadrons lie low”

  1. Just adding here that this poem of Maria’s has been translated into Greek by the author. We should also include her Greek version at some point.
    Maria is to be congratulated for reaching out with her thoughts in a tongue not her own.

    1. Thank you Iakovos for your encouraging words, your support means a lot to me. Ιndeed there is a greek translation, and of course I would be happy to see it in Diasporic. Υour kindness is an honour to me.

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