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The sky and its thousand stars
stare back in sadness
as do I
in the pre-dawn hours
resigning the world
without sleep
that better it might be regained
with dreams only
that cannot stand under
the southern lights
that cannot shake off
the northern nostalgia
of people, buildings
monuments, landscapes
forever granting more
than can be received.

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poetry collection “Clearings”, 2011

N.Ν. Trakakis

By N.Ν. Trakakis

Purchase Valium Nektarios Nikolaos (‘Nick’) Trakakis was born in 1972 in Melbourne from Cretan parents. He studied philosophy and theology at undergraduate level, and was awarded his PhD in philosophy from Monash University in 2005. He has taught Philosophy at Monash and Deakin Universities, and he is currently a Research Fellow in Philosophy at the Australian Catholic University. He has published two books and many journal articles on philosophical and theological themes. He has also published the following collections of poetry and prose: Tears (2005), Silent Transfigurations (2006), Via Dolorosa (2008), and Clearings (2011).