Shattered Dinner Plate


‘Happy is the man who views the most seas and the most continents.’[1]
i.m. S. K.
April 2, 1995

Georgia, bring wine, mezethes.
Tonight we gather with hovering swallows,
flitting wrens,
grieving grasses,
valedictory vines,
voice less valley,
courageous conifers,
for the blackened vigil.
TV silent, exchanges subdued.
Steel blue eyes shut, lemon anointed wrinkled face,
shriveled body, waits for signal of egress,
the shattered dinner plate.
Giant wreathes swathe the courtyard,
wait for the final journey,
the church ritual,
the burial.
Only one continent, one sea, did he view,
yet smiling face endured.
Georgia, bring wine, mezethes.
“Life to us!” Our final salutation.

Loula S. Rodopoulos
Revised 2011

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