The Pine Tree

Share Buy Msj Valium Uk “Like a windstorm
Punishing the pine trees,
Love shakes my heart.”
With apologies to Sappho Laden with snow dumps, undisciplined branches,
entangled with sparking electricity wires, overhang the balcony,
camouflage the distant seascape,
plead to be pruned.
Earthquake cracked exterior, overwhelmed by its alpine girth,
thirsts for a coat of paint.
Underfoot, scattered brown cones slip and slide in a bed of needled slush-
wait to extinguish loneliness in the charred fireplace.
In his dream Pithea prophesized disaster, like Sappho’s pine, in a windstorm

He winds his rattling ute down the mountain road to his sister’s cottage
through acres of wild grasses, intimidated flowers and barren vines.
Here they sit at her worn wooden table to share a meal of filial memories –
salute their childhood with retsina,
recall the sapling pine she’d planted outside their village home,
the pine nuts she pounded to make bread in the war years.
He shakes at the thought of dismembering the rings of history
but in his dream Pithea prophesized disaster, like Sappho’s pine, in a windstorm

Where To Buy Valium In Dublin Loula S. Rodopoulos
Rodopoulos Loula S.

By Rodopoulos Loula S.

Formerly an adjunct professor with the School of Global Science, Social and Planning at RMIT University, Loula S. Rodopoulos was born in Australia, a descendant of Greek immigrants from Ithaca. Her grandfather, Spearos Raftopulos, migrated in 1895 and was one of the founders of the Greek Community in Melbourne.

Loula holds Bachelor of Arts and Master of Social Work degrees and has served various Commonwealth and State committees, boards and tribunals in the field of multiculturalism and administrative review. An extension of her professional writing, she commenced writing poetry and short stories in the Peloponnesian mountain village of Myrovrisi, Greece, her husband’s birthplace.

Buying Valium Online Her poems have been published/accepted in various formats and include the Australian Women’s Book Review, Poetrix, Positive Words, Famous Reporter, Poetica Christi Press, Poetry Matters, and the e-journal Transnational Literature. In 2004 she was the first prizewinner in the Antipodes poetry competition. In 2009 her short story, Perparim, was Equal Third place winner in The Community Press Magazine, Phoenix Park Neighbourhood House competition.

Buy Diazepam Australia In 2010 she was short listed in the All Poetry Competition; commended in Eastwood Hills FAW Literary Competition and feature poet in POAM. In recent years she spends some months in Greece (also travelling to other parts of Europe) living in an apartment that overlooks the Corinthian Gulf – a source of inspiration :- She walks down the slope. A rugged vista of vineyards, wild grasses, yellow sparti, pine and conifer trees engulf her – lift her to the horizon where she floats over mountain peaks and gulf until she finds herself perched on the cemetery rock where she penned her first poem.

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