Nick N. Trakakis

Her life was so sad that it was almost too beautiful to be true.
– Katherine Hattam

this could all be false, I know
the brilliant light in the park
on that Saturday
no promises, not today
stranger things we could not say
but you could see
the hand that held you
___was the hand that held you down
no promises that the sun will rise
already gone
no light this night
could not entice
killing time in your sleep
you’ll see
in six month’s time
but you keep smiling
brandishing those long eyelashes of yours
only because you haven’t heard
walking away, slipping further
like words sliding
into the holes of the night sky
some deludedly call stars
into the night
everything seems serene
if noly you’d stop
___and see
only because you haven’t heard
these words
having buried your head
___your heart
no not nothing
can stop the fear
to the night
…better not read these wirds again

Nick N. Trakakis
“Clearings” – p.1

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