Viento Rojo


Ruth Sancho

(From Kings Canyon.
Outback. Australia. Oct. 2006)

En la Ciudad Sagrada de los Hombre Luritja
El viento sopla en círculos concéntricos
Y se aplaca en sus calles su cola enroquecida.

El Viento gira,
Gira el Viento,

Horadando la piedra,
Sedimento aborigen,
Crea cuevas rupestres donde se alberga el Mito.

El Viento gira
El Viento gira, gira

Hormiguero de historias,
De misterios de miel
Que sobreviven,
Cual tesoro escondido,
Camuflados sobre troncos milenarios en gotas de resina
O en libélulas rojas sobre un lienzo de polvo

Y gira
Y gira
El Viento gira

Y es Memoria remota
de algún viejo ritual
que en el tiempo se cuela,
mientras nos pinta el Sol
un cielo de acuarela

Y gira
Y gira
Porque el Viento gira.

Ruth Sancho Huerga

Sancho Ruth

By Sancho Ruth

Ruth Sancho Huerga (Castellon de la Plana, Spain) studied English Philology at the University of Barcelona, Cultural and Social Anthropology in UNED (Castellon), Theatre Studies in Laboratorio de Teatro William Layton (Madrid) and Drama in Col.legi del Teatre (Barcelona). She is a poet, playwright and theatre director. She has worked on the stage for more than 20 years and has published and performed theatre and poetry in festivals in countries around the world such as Spain, England, U.S.A, Mexico, Colombia and Australia. She has also worked on Television and Film Industry.

Some of her works are "Azahares, Tribute to Miguel Hernandez" (Award "Cultural Cooperation Program 2010". Supported by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, the Spanish Consulate in Melbourne and National University of Australia) "El Libro del buen amor" (Theatre Award "Jose Maria Rodero", Madrid), "In Praise of Folly" (Adaptation of "Don Quixote", New York City), "Entre via y vi-a" (Award 'Jovenes Creadores', Valencia) "Vive la Fiesta" (Art Centre, Melbourne). In 2010 she finished her visual poetry collection titled “The Shadows of the Words." Her new Digital Interactive Poetry Project called "Trip-T(l)ics" (Award "Cultural Cooperation Program 2011"), supported by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Education, Australian National University, the European Studies Centre and RMIT University, is a collaboration with different artists and it will be launched in 2012. She is pursuing Masters in Digital Literature in IL3, University of Barcelona and Masters by Research in Creative Writing in R.M.I.T University, Melbourne, Australia (2012 Australian Endeavour Postgraduate Award).