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(From Tayrona National Park. Colombia)

Order Valium Overnight Delivery The Tayrona dawns from under your skin,
Through each one of your mango kisses,
With the tingling of your fingertips
walking the subtle paths of pleasure
transporting the green sighs of your freshness.

It dawns within your eyes,
Where the night fireflies are hidden,
From the inner tide of your look
carrying me out
with the swell of your blink
to the deepest bed of a blissful ocean. It dawns in your pubis,
The petals of my flower unfold,
from here, my lower abdomen,
with the winged flutter of a hummingbird. You swirl me in a conch with your breeze breath.
You lull me in the aurora of your panting,
You rock my desire
with the humid hammock of your smile. You dawn flying,
In the constant emigration
Of your tongue to my breast,
with the swing of your palm leaves hands
around my waist,
and the night gets entangled
into the long liana of your hair.

You dawn as a river,
In the coco milk
Sweeten by the swamp of your belly bottom
From where I drink little sips of your tenderness
From where the stream of your passion dies.

Buy 1000 Valium Online You dawn as water, as birds, flowers
as wind, shore, salt
as insects
as turtle’s prints on the sand,
as tree, as trunk, as branch, as leave, as soil.

And dawned in your own splendour
You wake my soul up into its own nature,
You illuminate the sense of my being,
And in your light I stop,
In your shine I rest
And deeply inside of you
I go
and nest. Ruth Sancho Huerga
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