Loula S. Rodopoulos

chestnuts brood in embers of cynicism
hiss their anger

weeds engulf railway lines
supplanted by unfinished road works
lone cinema hotel closed
denuded shops plastered with yellow For Rents signs
hospital staff unpaid closure rumoured

decaying rural properties entice foreign takeover
austerity measures elderly recall famine
hooded masses protest politicians grovel to EU
youthful gloom lines coffee bars overlooking
the bay of Nafpaktos

scruffy males stake an intersection wash windscreens
to wipe destitution from their lives lounge on median strips
wait to jump a dalika [2] to their destiny
lives scuttled through crime and exploitation
across inhospitable borders

unease squelches underfoot
bitter orange fruits that litter pavements
in this layered country of poverty
rivulets of melting snow fan out from mountain peaks
endeavour to expunge despair

but chestnuts brood in embers of cynicism
hiss their anger

Loula S. Rodopoulos
written in Greece
May 2011
Received commendation in All Poetry Competition NSW 2011

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