Lives Momentarily Entwined


Loula S. Rodopoulos

lives momentarily entwined

construction of fountain – Harmony Square

Athens hub – celebratory memorial – end of Civil War 1951
brimming escalators link underground railway station

commuters in peak hour crush

roaring motorbikes – cars – buses
ceaseless merry – go – round

scurrying shoppers ignore buskers

beggar squats on footpath
traces her soul in nicotine ash

barking feral dogs protect their turf

itinerant spoons putrid mash into
rusted tins – to mollify

footloose youth beg  – inveigle pedestrians

stallholder spits on footpath
livelihood at stake

lives momentarily entwined

illegal youth hounded by mafia boss – police

black plastic bags of contraband trinkets lugged around
pulled back to hidden lairs – elude arrest

marauding police – change number plates

homeless lounge on rotting cardboard beds
amused by helter-skelter of the chase

youthful refugees – desperate to forge a future

flee hell from country to country
down alleyways and lanes

meeting lair for disenfranchised

blood drips off heroin addict’s arm
tourists scuttle past with alarm

at night Acropolis out of sight – nothing to celebrate

in this merry – go – round of disharmony
no refuge in the underground

lives momentarily entwined

Loula Rodopoulos
Omonia Square

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