Ecumenical Olympia


Joseph S. Josephides

Ave archon enthroned above, Olympia,
Compete fairly, based on love, Eceheria,
Reform my soul crystal adamant,
Athlete brave, classic dynamism;
Ecumenical my phone.

Citius, altius, fortius, Olympia.

Ave galactic synergy, Olympia,
Give me your energy, Eucharist,
Charismatic democracy,
Triumph over chaos’ tyranny;
Pantheon’s apocalypse.

Catholic harmony, Alpha and Omega.

© Joseph S. Josephides
* Composed of 28 Greek words and 4 Latin words

One thought on “Ecumenical Olympia”

  1. Excellent verses that appeared in the Diasporic Literature Spot and thus on our screens, just at the right time, from a very distinguished person. I liked this poem very much.
    (Well, it also made me think that everyone in the world knows how to speak Greek…
    they just don’t know it!)
    Aris Adanis

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