Manolis Aligizakis,

I held my youth like a knife
sharpened by the sun,
by the smooth sirocco
and I cut myself in two

left half with the statues,
the gleaming sea
placed the other
in the suitcase with
four pairs of underwear

with my undeciphered dream and
with hands still fragrant in
the pumice rock of Santorini,
in the Theodorakis song and
in my wine glass half filled
I chose to live in two places

but since I found this impossible
I severed part of myself
from the other and
for the benefit of a full stomach
I retained the betrayed sunset
and the disheartening nostalgia

Manolis Aligizakis,


2 thoughts on “Emigre”

  1. Manolis, a brilliant work. Your poem really resounds with me after only visiting Greece on one occasion. The duality of feeling and place is really felt. Love your choice of words, ‘betrayed sunlight’ and ‘I held my youth like a knife.’ I will read more or your stunning writing..
    Many thanks. Gabrielle.

    1. Gabrielle, thank you so much. The best reward a poet can have is comments such as yours. Please talk to me at anytime, and, yes, let me know when a poem touches you in any way!


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