The wave was sweet… when I was a youth,
searching for shapes in the pebbles,
seeking patterns,
the old man of the sea , Proteus, spoke to me:
I am your country; perhaps I’ m no one,
but I can be what you wish…
(Georgios Seferis- Nobel prize 1963)

Aris Adanis

I carved her name above the entry to the cave,
my chisel picked from the rock-strewn shore,
then beckoned to the girl to see the… inscribed lore!
She dived and was carried on the rise of a wave.

The word “KATI” should bear an echo of her name,
casting a swell to a foamy crest in a rainbow band,
to its final rest on a sea-soaked strip of land,
as the wind whispered ”KATI- KATI”, all the same.

She smiled at my ruse and plunged into the sea,
her hazel eyes shut tight against the water,
then was uplifted by the surge that brought her
to the fringes of that rocky nameless beach, a lee.

The cave will keep her carved name, for all to see, if…
the small Greek bay becomes a focus point, a meeting
of spirits long gone and those to come, however fleeting
to spot the letters “KATI”, etched on the craggy reef…[]

Aris Adanis

KATI – Greek for something, a bit, roughly somewhat

4 thoughts on ““KATI””

  1. Aris, I love this poem. ‘Kati’ etched into the rock for posterity! It reminds me of when I have seen names carved into the rocks at the beach. I always smile, as I imagine the joyous time the lovers must have had who took the trouble to carve a record of their day. I always feel a sense of an echo from the past. Well done, beautiful imagery.

  2. Μανώλη, Γαβριέλλα (Gabrielle), thank you for your most kind words. I must admit though that Iakovos helped with his advise and of course with this unbelievably accurate picture
    of the cave, which he chose to decorate this page.
    And, honestly, it’s an honour for me, that some of my verses find such a welcoming acceptance, among the ones of the very important writers and poets of the Diasporic Literature Spot.
    Thank you again. (Ευχαριστώ παρα πολύ).

    1. There’s nothing much one can do in improving such a beautiful poem. Except following nature’s harmony providing a fitting picture to such picturesque words…

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