New ways of Living


N.N. Trakakis

The whole art of Kafka consists
in forcing the reader to reread.
– Albert Camus

I’ve had to learn a new language
to write you this
and you’ve had to learn a further language still
to read it.
There are those, I’ve heard, who can read
the weather patterns
the configurations of stars
dreams, minds and even hearts,
theirs and others.
By these standards alone
you and I rightly pass for poor illiterate fools
only able to read
the words to the left
__________not even these
the words left out.

N.N. Trakakis
“From Dusk to Dawn” – 2012

4 thoughts on “New ways of Living”

  1. Interesting observation, Nick.
    “I’ve had to learn a new language” reminds me of my children who had to start from scratch to learn the language of this country, when we first came to Australia.

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