Manolis Aligizakis

Suddenly a sunrise
perhaps it was a new day
full of vigor and stamina and

all comrades woke staring
at each other, counting bodies
that moved instead of the

motionless, let them be cursed
and let them keep away from us
but when the sergeant came in

and called all our names
it wasn’t strange that we all answered
except the dead ones in the other hutment

in gray sacks like rotten
potatoes no one wanted to deal with
and the sun still stood up

in the horizon like a mother
counting her children one by one
then hiding her eyes from

this spectacle until a moment
of silence was called for
the ones who could no longer breathe

Manolis Aligizakis

4 thoughts on “Sunrise”

  1. Manolis, a very moving poem. The insistence of nature in the face of death. The only reality to hang on to. I really felt the scene you created. War is so pointless.

    Thanks for a wonderful work. Gabrielle.

  2. Dear Gabrielle,
    Thank you so much. Comments such as yours make the day of this poet.
    Keep well,


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