Frail Wings


Christos Galiotos

Perspiring bodies with frail wings
Submerged on the mountainous planes of Achaia
Levitate towards the starry sky
Co-drinking nectar with the Olympian family.

Yearning to transcend the earthly plane
Horizons untouched by human despair
Epiphanies of deities at Eleusis:
Their manifestations filled us with awe
Silenced before this etheric refulgence.

The rupture between heaven and earth
All illusion of space and incalcable time
Prodding impoverished bodies
Gravitated to antipodean Olympus
Like an infant that suckles on his mother’s breast.

The portal of soul-peace is tranquillity.

Christos Galiotos

2 thoughts on “Frail Wings”

  1. That is a very beautiful poem, Christos. I read it a number of times to make sure I had understood its full meaning. Each time it resonated more with me.
    Many thanks, Gabrielle.

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