Spring of Wisdom


Loula S. Rodopoulos

swathed in stone gargantuan imposing blindfolded
she beckoned me through the University portals
into the quadrangle surrounded by the expansive portico and
erudite grey stone buildings
busts of male scholars her heirs
scientists doctors philosophers
serpent at her feet symbol of medicine
God Of Hygeia Asclepius God of Healing
until Apollo killed the monster python at Kastalian Spring
and the sheath of patriarchy was shed in the 1900’s
she was excluded from study in the academy of Vienna
now Kalliope God of Poetry
rejoices in their meeting and retraces her wisdom

Loula S. Rodopoulos
Sculpture in Courtyard, University of Vienna
Spring of Wisdom Kastalia Fountain
Edmund Hellmer Recit. MCMIV 2000

1 thought on “Spring of Wisdom”

  1. Loula, Wonderful imagery of this fountain sculpture. Very inspired thought.

    Thanks, Gabrielle.

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