the damp seeps in


Vicky Tsaconas

Σελιανιτικα 1996

in this room
faded lime green paint is chipped
touched-up photographs
remind me of the origins of my name

ikons blessed at the village church
and a makeshift καντηλι
behind a hand-embroidered curtain
keep vigil over me

an old woman
who told me about the tidal wave
died like her final years
silently without a trace

in this room
where the only window looks onto a dusty store-room
I fall asleep alone
mid-winter by the sea

© Vicky Tsaconas
Melbourne, Australia 

awarded Second Prize, Poetry Section, Australian Greek Cultural League 1996
Literary Competition; poem published in Αντιποδες No. 41-42, 1997

2 thoughts on “the damp seeps in”

  1. A very moving poem with a strong sense of solitude and the past. Not surprised it was awarded a prize. Thanks Vicky. Gabrielle.

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