Month: August 2013

Στοχασμός σε μια Πανσέληνο


Αν εκπαιδεύαμε τα νιάτα
Πιότερο για ήλιο παρά για χαλασμό
Αν στα στήθια τους επάνω
Κρεμόντουσαν μονάχα
Τα άνθη του υμέναιου
Παρά φυσίγγια της οργής
Αν περπατούσαν μέσα στον παράδεισο

The Sin


They left, they left – he said. They stayed – he said in a while. They stayed.
They exist.
Gullible days, wasted. And there were a few trees.
The roofs leaned their shoulders more impressively. George,
on top of the ladder, was fixing the plaster festoon
of the neoclassical house. Further down in the harbor
the longshoremen were creating a havoc. They carried
large wooden boxes tied with ropes. Two dogs
walked edge to edge in the street.