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Prostrate and with sugar on her lips she lay down on the luminous wreath of love. It was not long before the summons was heard. Initially two birds took her, followed by the wires of the compassionate conspiracy, and finally she was taken away by five roosters which looked like horses that were literate, and they touched her private parts. The report of the foreign constituents was lost, and with longing, with scented seaweed and with scintillating sighs she arrived unbridled and dissolute like a substantial and concentrated cloud. Now they call them both Merope.

Buy Generic Valium 10Mg Translator’s note: Merope: in Greek mythology, the youngest of the seven Pleiades (star-nymphs), and the only one of the Pleiades to have married a mortal man (Sisyphus). Poems by Andreas Embeirikos
Translated by Buy Diazepam Xanax N.N. Trakakis
The poems translated here are by the renowned modern Greek writer Andreas Embeirikos (1901-1975), and they appear here in English translation for the first time.
These seven poems are taken from Embeirikos’ first, and highly surrealist, collection of poems, entitled ‘Blast Furnace’, published in 1935. The work is prefaced by a passage from André Breton’s Surrealist Manifesto: “…the surrealist voice, the one that continues to preach at the approach of death and above storms…”. It is not difficult to see, from the selection that follows, why this collection was received with uncomprehending glares by a Greek readership that was, at the time, unaccustomed to this style of writing.
I am grateful to Agra Publications and to the Embeirikos estate for permission to translate and publish these poems. Tags: