City of London


N.N. Trakakis
Clearings, Nov 2010

Here books and bookshops
have a distinct fragrance
like incense rising
offering itself
to a venerable pious congregation.

Here people and palaces
have an ancient architecture
Roman and Romanesque at once
not led astray by flights of abstraction
only trusting in the everyday and concrete
joyfully signing in the underground
at peak hour
or biting their lips to not let in
the winter
enjoying as long as possible
the leaves auburn and golden

Here time and spaces
have colours that do not hurt
a secret charmed double life
prepared from a palette royal
purple and liturgical keeping pace with the seasons
showering time in all directions
(as if to prove finally true
the B-theory).

Here the promise is not
of something new nor
but of tradition transfigured:
classical words and paintings
not archived away
______in dictionaries and museums
but lived in street corners
cafés and tubes
and black gentlemen’s hats.

N.N. Trakakis
Clearings, Nov 2010

1 thought on “City of London”

  1. Nick, I really relate to this poem. A true evocation of London as I experienced it. A great depth of thought. You are educating me too, Wikipedia explained the B-Theory.


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