Buy Diazepam Online A little further from the light cast by the lamp there begins another world, an unknown world – who has ever gone there? who has every returned from there? – and then there are nights – ah! how many adventures there are dreams, so many that you life becomes insignificant (and hence dangerous) – then night falls and that old familial rain begins again, just like the time when mother would not let me go out and we would play together in the room: I would hide from her and she would search and search for me, but would not be able to find me – ‘Where are you?’ she would then shout, frightened. for I had already become submerged in all my future sorrows. N.N. Trakakis translation
to the work by Buy Terapia Diazepam Tasos Leivaditis
in the book “The Blind Man With The Lamp”
Denis Harvey Publisher

Valium Cheap Online The Blind Man with the Lamp

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