A second chance


There are some things in life I shared
with people that I lived for years,
but voices could never dare
to speak for feelings and for fears.

Maturity had passed me away
and left me with some fake visions
and now I am here to pay
regretting for some wrong decisions.

If I could have a second chance
apply myself some soul brakes,
I would not pass beyond the fence
and make again the same mistakes.

George Marinakis
“Αισθήσεις και Μορφές” p. 24, Poetry Collection
Published by “Σμυρνιωτάκης” 2008

Sound is from Track 05
of the album “Στα βήματα του Ελ Γκρέκο”, (In the steps of El Greco)
titled “Στη Ρώμη” (At Rome)

by George Marinakis. Vocals by Eleni Kοtadaki
to order this CD please write to the artist directly
George Marinakis
gmari @ tee.gr

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  1. Καλέ μου ποιητή, είμαστε όμως, και τα λάθη μας…κι όσο κι αν βάλουμε”φράχτες” στην ψυχή, αυτή πετά και τους αφήνει πίσω! Ευτυχώς, είναι μια πεταλούδα η ψυχή που τ’άνθη κυνηγά! Εσένα κυνηγάει τη μουσική και…στον παράδεισο σε πάει! So don’t worry , don’t pay anything…Η ωριμότητά σου είναι η αθωότητα των ήχων σου, των στίχων σου, που την συγκίνησή μας ακουμπάει!

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