Country stint


Iakovos Garivaldis

Come our way –
Up on a white multi-peaked mountain
To search and find our warmest shelters
Among the charred-tree remains of January’s winter
Ensuring our tokens of slavery are not erased.
Only but a few tracks stay out of our bustle city
And on the snow that just fell
Like a crafty veil, a tight fit
Around our worn out shoes
Prompting us to forget all past traditions
And find some foreign thoughts
That spread across a world gone wild.

Come along –
And feel our steamy breath
To warm your grabby thoughts
In an engaging blood-pool.
If you listen carefully
You will hear,
That our past has now survived in all tranquility
As we’re going
To find snow-covered old fur-trees
Happily sleeping under the cape
Οf a white and so horrific state.

Come along –
You cannot bring any more pain
You have enslaved our soul,
You’ve bonded it with your uncultured swiftness
Rolling down our spine silently
Within the veins of our instincts,
Setting our emotional presence off
Into a disappearing cloud
In front of prying eyes.

Come along to us –
Set us free!
The snow is longing
To form our tracks.
Oh Man we freeze
In your untouched, frosty embrace
That has engraved all of our steps
Upon the fear mountain.
And now you can call all this your own,
The vultures which still remain
Are all within our country stint.



6 thoughts on “Country stint”

  1. Dear Jacob, your verses, dramatic, deep and daring, οn one hand, the scenery scary and yet so realistic, on the other, made me feel the pain and anger of the creator… YOURSELF! It is the period of winter – Χειμώνας, in our country… but the Winter-Χειμώνας in our hearts, even heavier, makes us feel the pain of isolation from our past or the future, of our hopes and dreams! At this dark period,the hearts of the Hellenes in Greece, all over the Globe, feel their hopeless sliding to the abyss! Our nation is really in stint! The so called friends are the executioners of the Hellenes freedom, and this is not for the first time… as we all know from our past… Good work, Jacob! Congratulations…

  2. Congratulations, my dear friend, Iakove.
    Good idea to write in English, as well. It’s a beautiful language, too. It can emphasize poetic efforts and can easily be sang, too. Your verses are really excellent, with chosen words and strong meaning.
    Very good work, if you allow me to express my humble opinion.-
    Aris Adanis

  3. My dear friends in literature. I wish to thank you for your kind words. Please remember that in assessing literature kindness is not an option. You have been very kind, since this poem was written back in 2012 and in two languages, but i did not dare publish it. Now that I found it, I thought it may have a message, for those with a heartless demand for paybacks. Those who have never fulfilled their own obligations to Greece…
    But the question remains, are we capable and worthy of our freedom?
    Look out for the Greek version of this poem, which is a great deal milder… it has to be.
    Again I thank you Manolis, Pipina, Aris.

  4. Iakovos, I have read your poem a few times and fully grasp its meaning. I felt the depth of feeling for your country and its Greek people. Great work!

    1. Dear Gabrielle
      So nice to hear from you.
      I am in Greece at the moment and now in hospital where my mother has been for the past 10 days. She is not well.
      I dearly thank you for your words of kindness to the traumatic times the Greek people are going through.
      I can see it every day and everywhere.
      Please keep in touch.

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