Godly Justice


Shadows in their solace
can have a room
a sofa, or nothing!
Can have water
a piece of bread
or nothing!

They hang
their curiosity
over balconies
or gorges!
They are blasted
by “friendly bombs”!

And then…
they had enough!
Cannot carry on
been dehumanized…

They give up
the daylight
at a road’s side
or in the midst
of somewhere
mutilated – mutilating
by “friendly explosives” …
as to meet (at long last!)
their ‘mean creator’!


©Pipina Elles

Derived (and partly modified),
from my long poem,
Godly Justice
Godly Jealousy… 2013

(image from Clarksburg site
titled: “What is godly justice”)

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