My friend Rena called yesterday,
She said,” It’s summer and I’m going away.”
I asked, “Do you think that’s right.
We won’t see each other for a fortnight?”
She responded, “I’m going to Skopelos.”
I queried, “Do you think that’s ophelos?
There, there are thousands of trees
But no breeze.
A million wasps to sting
That’ll make you sing
You’ll go banano!
All of Athens will be there,
You’d better stay home in your chair.
Watch TV
Call me!”
“No,no, no, I’ve made my decision
It’s all been arranged with precision.”
“Well if that’s how you feel, I agree
But when you arrive think of me.
For you it’s not very hard

Marilyn Tate-Adanis

4 thoughts on “Holidays”

  1. Excellent, dear Marilyn, lovely! I think, it has tenderness of
    Skopelos, without noise and “breeze of the trees”!
    Welcome to the club of wayfarer of poetry!

    1. Dear Jenny,
      The way is full of magic and surprises…just like your comment, but it’s well worth it to walk the paths of poetry and meet fellow travelers. Thank you, Marilyn XXX

  2. Dear Marilyn… I liked your request… of a postcard from Skopelos… I thought that people do not do this anymore… Realistic verses only to bring us down to earth… It is rather refreshing the way you build up your thoughts… I would say. Thank you for your poem…. Enjoy the rest of the Summer!

  3. Marilyn, I loved the rhythm of your poem, and such a fun way of saying, I’m jealous, I’ll miss you but I guess a postcard with suffice. I found much charm in your work.

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