Ode to the Demon of War


http://firewithoutsmoke.com/portfolios/little-nightmares-ii/ Virgin to life, whore of the underworld.
Donned once with beauty,
Consumed now by carnality;
Deplete me of that which me makes human.

http://bankholidays-2019.co.uk/holidays/2nd-january-2019?ajaxCalendar=1 May your hand reach to my soul;
Poise it and torment it,
Lash it with the whip of your antipathy.
May the tendrils of anger reach deep to my mind,
Suffocate it with taint.
May it feel your wrath,
And your corruption;
So it may never forget the voice of beauty’s sorrow.

Buy 1000 Valium Online (A sudden resurgence of consciousness)

Possessed by the demons of my past,
Decisions which I now regret.
I sit below the devil,
My body laced with chains,
Oh, bloody chains of regret.
Whipped, raped, and tormented,
The limbs of my mind slit;
And yet, I must call him master.
I can no longer reach reality,
For I have woven myself into my own mind’s flaw.

http://bassenthwaite-reflections.co.uk///?author=1 (The resurgence fades)

Order Valium From Mexico I am bound to your captivity,
A slave to your desires.
I devote myself to you,
Take me,
As yours only.

James Xydias
Year 10 student
Poem received first prize in the annual
schools competition 2018
organised by the Hellenic Memorial Foundation, Melbourne

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