When the sea is glittering gold


The idea of homeland is a cruel joke;
crueller even than the idea of Paradise
Peter Lyssiotis

When you are driving on ehte roads of our occupied villages and towns
Bogazi, Koma Tou Yialou, Trikomo, the pain is profound

When you are driving on these roads just as the sun is rising
In the early morning and our seas are glittering gold
You still can’t believe that you are not permitted to live there

That your father died

And the sea we used to go to “Koma Tou Yialou”*
Is glowing and desolate.

Andrea Demetriou

“The Incosolable Clock”
Armos Publications, 2017

One thought on “When the sea is glittering gold”

  1. Dear Andrea Demetriou,
    your verses are overwhelming, as they are so simple without being simplified, and so realistic without including the least of over-realism.
    It reminded me the verses I have written in Greek “Το νησί του ανατέλοντος ηλίου”, for “my” small Island, Poros. The melody and original lyrics, are taken from a very old blues ( The house of the rising sun) and, as we all know, they have been transformed into rock by the “Animals” , also quite a long time ago. I don’t know how to send it to you, through Diasporic.
    Nevertheless, thank you for your very touching poem, about your fantastic country. You know how deeply we all love Cyprus.
    Aris Adanis

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