I awaited you


by Erma Vassiliou
translated into English by Irini Papas

Yet again you’ve not kept your promise
I waited for you
so we could drink together under the stars
the valley’s secrets, and the never-sleeping aromas of the summer
on the nights, when Ai-Loukas’ few candles
bathed the moon in their light
and when to cinderella-night we wished to sell
still one more tale
lest it be lost in the haystack.  

Time linked us together
We were lit by some pale stars
huddling for warmth in an old astrakhan coat
which had lost most of its hair
dragging the hair out itself
sighing alas, alas
and with our poor old grandmother’s frock
with two buttons undone
on the pockets, pockets filled with soul…  
I waited for you
so that we could quaff our most beautiful day…

Erma Vassiliou
frοm her book “The key of Arsinoe”
(Το κλειδί της Αρσινόης),
of September (1996),
and from the particular part of the book
titled “Cypriot scenes”.

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