Author: Aligizakis Manolis

Kiki Dimoula/Κική Δημουλά

Share Draw two columns
one for the day’s gains
and one for its losses.

Valium 10Mg Buy Uk The serious concepts
your bright thoughts and readings
your from one side to the other
unsparing passages
mark on the column of the gains.

Katerina Gogou-Κατερίνα Γώγου

Share Time will come when things will change
remember this, Maria
do you remember that game during the intermission
when we run holding the baton
—don’t look at me — don’t cry. You are the hope
listen, time will come
when children will select their parents
they won’t be born at random

Limping Man

Share [tabgroup] [tab title=”English”] Breeze laughed amid his limping footsteps nature’s unforgiving mistake struggled out of the sea eyes full of kindness irises of a saint […]

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