Kiki Dimoula/Κική Δημουλά

Share Draw two columns
one for the day’s gains
and one for its losses. The serious concepts
your bright thoughts and readings
your from one side to the other
unsparing passages
mark on the column of the gains.

Yannis Ritsos – Γιάννης Ρίτσος


Valium 10Mg Buy Uk He had no time – how could he listen? Fighting for his bread
he didn’t see that the wheat ear grew tickling the sun’s ear
he didn’t see the blond mustache of summer
he didn’t see that he also grew.


Katerina Gogou-Κατερίνα Γώγου


Time will come when things will change
remember this, Maria
do you remember that game during the intermission
when we run holding the baton
—don’t look at me — don’t cry. You are the hope
listen, time will come
when children will select their parents
they won’t be born at random

Hours of the Stars

Share Now the secret hour of our voice
empties the skies and
the morning bread
into our hands

Buy Diazepam Eu

Order Valium Online Australia now we forget the crosses
and the serene courtyard
and the decree
of the Delphic Cybil

Second Advent of Zeus – Δεύτερη παρουσία του Δία

Share The merciful Hestia built my dwelling echo of a gallop
sang in faraway lands
sound of a comma
I heard
the exclamation
of a woman’s nipple
an exhausted tree stopped
its rustle and I existed
in vague limbo



The years I risked
under the spell of the moon
for that lone kiss March daffodils
autumn chrysanthemums
why have you bloomed?



Buy Diazepam Online Cheap She opened her window.
Powerful feminine
exhilarating gesture
that shook me

Ordering Valium From Overseas

memory rekindled
paradisiacal kisses and

Buy Valium In Ho Chi Minh

Buy Diazepam Roche I dreamed of capturing
the echo of a raindrop

Limping Man


Valium Cheap Online [tabgroup] [tab title=”English”] Breeze laughed amid his limping footsteps nature’s unforgiving mistake struggled out of the sea eyes full of kindness irises of a saint a brave man’s graceful stature in his unbalanced steps the balance of the Universe searched for justice pain of the different in vain danced in […]